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Gotta Get Down On Friday?: Are Fridays the best day to Post?

It’s the end of the week. You’re ready to disconnect from the always-connected work world you inhabit Monday through Friday. And the last thing you want to do is open more emails, right?

Maybe not.

According to new information about global daily email click rates, Friday may actually be the best day to connect with current or prospective customers via email marketing.

Fresh industry data suggests that Friday’s worldwide marketing email click rate is now 4.9%. In fact, a recent study found that email inboxes attract the bulk of marketing messages on Tuesdays.

Survey details highlighted back in October by eMarketer indicate that 17.9% of a week’s worldwide marketing emails were sent on Tuesday. 17.3% of emails are sent Thursday, followed by 16.6% on Monday.

So where does that leave Friday?

“For a more effective strategy, marketers might want to consider focusing more on Friday over Tuesday,” the report cautions. “Out of the five days of the work week, marketers sent the fewest number of emails on Friday—just 14.9%. Consumers, however, were highly responsive on the last day of the work week. They opened a whopping 19.6% of Friday marketing emails, giving that day the second highest email open rate of the week.”


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