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It’s All In The Emotion: Tips To Making Video Content Appealing To These 4 Personality Types

If you’re someone who frequently goes onto YouTube to catch the latest viral videos, you probably already know that there are all kinds of different personalities out there. And just as people with different personalities create and post videos to YouTube, the videos that you market are being shown to people with different personality types, and you need to appeal to them all. While that might sound daunting at first, it isn’t too overwhelming when you consider that people can typically be classified into four different personality categories. So without further ado, those four different personality types are:

1. The Beaver (Analytical/ Methodical)
2. The Golden Retriever (Expressive/ Humanistic)
3. The Lion (Assertive/ Competitive)
4. The Otter (Amiable/ Spontaneous)

In order to effectively reach these personality types with your videos, it’s important to understand what people with these personalities are like so you can get inside their heads and find out what makes them tick. Read on for an explanation of each:

1. The Beaver (Analytical/ Methodical)

Appeal Tactics: Be detailed and don’t rush them.

People in this category are known for being highly rational. They obsess over information and have to look at a situation from all angles before coming to a decision. They are tenacious, organized and serious, and they also tend to be perfectionists. You can count on beavers to get things done by the deadline and you typically find them in medical, engineering and higher education professions.

How to Approach Them:

  • Use statistics, numbers and facts as much as possible.
  • Follow up with them (analytical people are good with follow ups, so they’ll appreciate it when you do the same).

A great example of content aimed at this personality type would be this in-depth look at the new Mercedes 2014 S-Class:

2. The Golden Retriever (Expressive/ Humanistic)

Appeal Tactics: Be social and show empathy.

This is the group full of people pleasers who strive to make everyone happy and want peace and harmony in their relationships. Expressive types value respect, happiness and friendship, and because of this, they make excellent caretakers, psychologists, counsellors and teachers.

How to Approach Them:

  • Be friendly and use affirming words to give them the reassurance they crave. Not only will this help you build up their self-esteem, but it also helps them to trust you.
  • Use a “warm and fuzzy” tone, and avoid making confrontational, argumentative statements.

A good example of video content aimed at this personality type would be the “Mothers & Daughters – You Are Beautiful” campaign from Dove:

3. The Lion (Assertive/ Competitive)

Appeal Tactics: Give them the power and build up their ego.

In this group, you’ll find the driven, over-achiever types who want to be the best at everything they set out to do. They tend to be determined Type A people who take on leadership roles at work and become CEOs, like business power player Donald Trump.

How to Approach Them:

  • Make your presentation to them professional and efficient because these people are always on the go.
  • Give them a challenge to appeal to their competitive nature; pitching something to them as a way to rise to the top and beat the competition works too.

“Rise and Shine – Find Your Greatness” from Nike appeals to this personality type:

4. The Otter (Amiable/ Spontaneous)

Appeal Tactics: Be energetic and fun.

For these people, life is a nonstop party. They are captivated by what interests them, and they are always brimming with optimism. People with this personality type tend to get involved with acting, politics and party planning.

How to Approach Them:

  • Use ideas that are larger in scope to keep their attention.
  • Connect with them by referring to them by name.
  • Show enthusiasm with exclamation points!

The following video should definitely appeal to Otter types:

If you want to market videos effectively and engage your entire audience, then you need to market them in such a way that accommodates all the personalities in that audience. Everyone is different, so your marketing approaches should reflect that. Start using the strategies listed above today, and you’re sure to get thumbs up reactions from everyone in your audience, no matter what kind of “animal” they are.


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